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Lionel Messi Arrives In Paris Wearing A Replica Rolex Yacht-Master ADVERTISEMENT

In America we call it Soccer, internationally it's known as Football, but in Barcelona ?it was Messi. Lionel Messi, considered the best player in the world, was the face of the Barca F.C. franchise for over 20 years ?an eternity in athlete-time ?cementing himself in the annals of sports as a player who would only wear one uniform. That is, until yesterday. Following La Liga rules not allowing him to sign with Barcelona, Messi shocked the world when he tearfully announced his departure from the only club he ever knew.

Then he arrived in Paris, greeting a crowd of onlookers, first from a stone Parisian balcony, and then through a window. The superstar effectively made it official: He had joined the Paris St-Germain Football Club. To cement the occasion, he paired his "This is Paris" t-shirt with an extra rosey timepiece.

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That would be the 40mm Replica Rolex Yacht-Master in Everose gold (the Crown's version of rose gold). Gold is never a bad choice to mark a momentous occasion, but this certainly is not the most obvious choice of fake watch in Replica Rolex's precious metal stable, which makes it all the more cool.

The Replica Rolex Yacht-Master 40mm in Everose on an Oysterflex bracelet

Released in 2015, this fake watch presented some firsts for Replica Rolex by way of a matte black Cerachrom (read, ceramic) bezel and a rubber strap that, as Jack Forster once put it, is "not a rubber strap at all." The now well-known Oysterflex bracelet delivers the fit and feel of a rubber strap with the durability and shape-retention of a bracelet. Similarly, Replica Rolex's Everose gold material has some platinum mixed in to prevent discoloration over time.

Despite its looks, this fake watch is built to last and stay looking as new (theoretically) forever ?kind of like Messi, who continues to prove himself the best in the game after all these years.

The Oysterflex bracelet

A lot has been said in the press about how difficult this decision was for him. He built his life in Barcelona and raised his family there. This wasn't as simple as just signing a contract ?even if it was a big (like over $100 million for two years big) contract. All of that notwithstanding, he'll never forget his first day in Paris, and his Yacht-Master will forever be the keeper of that memory.

Would it have been better if Messi greeted his new French fanbase on a literal yacht? Probably. Will we settle for the window? You bet we will.

Lead image courtesy of Getty.

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