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Lining Up For Art, Growing Up In A Masterpiece, And Putting Replica Rolex Stickers On Bananas ADVERTISEMENT

Basically every week seems like a big news week at this point, but it's not all controversy and doom and gloom out there. This week we've found a number of fun stories, including an artistic collaboration in London that's perfect for the Instagram generation as well as an unusual collection that somehow involves both produce and horology. Yeah, we're serious about that last one.


The Case Against Tipping in America ?Eater

I found myself nodding while reading this story on Eater. Tipping sucks, right? I think most people feel that way. And it's not just the fact meals so often end with math and a new, higher bottom line on the bill. It's part of a system foists a responsibility that ought to belong to restaurateurs ?compensating restaurant employees ?on to patrons who just want to have fun and eat well. It's also unfair to the people who live on tips.

?Jon Bues, Senior Editor

Fruit Stickers Are Better Art Than Anything Andy Warhol Ever Did ?Bon Appetit

No stranger to collecting the obscure, I can't stop scrolling through the Instagram account @fruit_stickers. Part pop-art exhibit, part lesson in typography and design, this article from Bon Appetit takes a deep dive into British graphic designer Kelly Angwood's archive of the most iconic fruit stickers of the last century. Standout within the collection? A banana sticker featuring none other than Replica Rolex.

?Sarah Reid, Business Development Associate

Growing Up In A Richard Meier Masterpiece ?Surface

When you look at an incredible piece of architecture, it can be hard to envision, you know, actual people inside. On the 50th anniversary of Richard Meier's early masterpiece, the Smith House, Surface interviewed Chuck Smith, whose family moved into the house when he was just eight years old. It turns out, growing up in an environment like this is more interesting and more mundane than you might think.

?Stephen Pulvirent, Managing Editor

First Came the Sneakerheads, Then The Blue-Chip Art Collectors ?The New York Times

The meshing of streetwear culture, fine art, and fashion has hit a fever pitch in the past 18 months, and no figure is more to thank (or blame, depending on who you ask) than Virgil Abloh. I love this article as an anecdote for what's happening on a larger scale throughout the fine art and fashion establishment.

?Walker Tovin, Design Associate

Scientists Detect 'Fingerprint' Of First Light Ever In The Universe - CNN

Nothing puts thing in perspective like thinking about the scope of the universe. This week it was announced that scientists have found the first traces of light from billions of years ago. After the Big Bang, there was approximately 180 million years without light when stars began to form, and then this happened. CNN has a great explanation of the discovery.

?Cara Barrett, Editor

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