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Linde Werdelin "The Lab?Watch Maker Blog Exemplar

Watch companies are getting keen on blogging. Maybe I have shown them a good example? Different fake watch brands are experimenting with various ways of doing it, but the best approach is something like Linde Werdelin has done. Sure they could have more posts up and spend more time on it, but they are doing a good job so far with their new blog that details not only the development of Linde Werdelin watches, but the lifestyle that goes with Linde Werdelin replica watches from the maker and owner standpoint. From your seat you generally only see the "finished product?and the fancy marketing photos that come from the secret fake watch making lairs ?often in Europe. But who are these people? And how serious are they about all the claims they make such as "sport watch?or ?000 meters water resistance.?Sometimes it is really hard to tell and you don't know whether it is a marketing goon writing about this, or actually a couple of fake watch nerds testing each claim.

Linde Werdelin's "The Lab?blog helps shed light on a lot of this. For example see the above image of their The Reef Sea Instrument frozen. Part of the many tests that these products go through before the careful fake watch (and here electronics) makers put products through before allowing them to get into your hands. A good blog like "The Lab?also displays model prototypes, triumphs, failures, and the innards of these secret luxury creations. What I really like is that the blog is said to be written by Morten Linde, the brand's co-founder. Thus, you get ideas and passion straight from the source.

Advertising Message

Linde Werdelin takes the concept a step further and discusses the things in the world the influence the design of the replica watches and other "beautiful?things. The Lab discusses boats and homes, and even vacation spots. The idea is to get you involved with the brand, the people, and the products. When it comes down to it, most fake watch companies are boutique operations. A few dedicated fake watch lovers, designers, and engineers who toil and sit around thinking about more and more impressive products. The best are ones that make replica watches "for themselves.?Allowing the fake watch makers to create their ideal fake watch will often result in the best result for you, the consumer. Why? Because you don't cut corners or make too many sacrifices when you are making something for yourself. This is a lot of the mentality that goes into brands like Linde Werdelin ?and you get a little taste of that when looking at their blog. They aren't the only maker out there to have a blog, but they are of the few who really understand the importance of it when it comes to having people "share the vision?of what your brand and replica watches are all about.

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